Medi – One is not enough

Massimo Dutti – Madrid 1’


Hermès by nature

Hermès – Festival des métiers



  • We are visual storytellers, working on projects that get people excited and inspired for life.
  • Our approach is genuine and unpretentious.
  • We are straightforward, easy going, and friendly kind of people.
  • With a lighthearted approach, we never take ourselves too seriously whilst always being professional.
  • We have an instinctive sense for being in the right place at the right time to capture magical yet unscripted moments.
  • We have an intuitive sense for the internal rhythm of filmmaking, which is ultimately, how we connect with our audience.
  • We craft visually appealing, fresh, affordable videos that connect brands, businesses and non-profits to their customers and communities.
  • As a young creative company we have been developing multiple others areas of expertise as Aerial shots, virtual reality, 360 ° films.


Benoît, Naël and Bertrand are not only business partners but they are also good friends who each have their own individual story and skills to bring to the table.
They are three distinct peoples going after the same goal.


Our editing suite contains the latest Mac
and all the Adobe applications, it’s a perfect place
for clients or a director to relax on the couch
and watch dailies or drafts.


Creative meeting space that allows us to be creative
and productive while staying comfortable and relaxed.


diapo has a wide range of equipment available
on the motion tribe platform: